Postsecondary attainment is an important step in closing Indiana’s skills gaps. That strategy must also focus on development of the right in-demand skills that give students and workers flexible foundations for success long into the future. Indiana’s goal is 60 percent postsecondary attainment by 2025. However, postsecondary doesn’t just mean four-year degrees. In fact, associate degrees or skills developed through credentials, certifications and apprenticeships often are more valuable. In the new economy, a balance of education and technical training as well as professional skills is vital for workers as well as Indiana’s business and industries.

EWIN brings regional education and business leaders into conversations that often result in creative customized strategies such as reality-based career counseling, work-based student experiences, externships for teachers, Governor’s Work Ethics Certificates and dual credit/Early College programs. These EWIN-supported collaborations are community-driven and more likely to generate effective outcomes.

“We believe that we are in a much better position to serve students and the greater Perry Central community today than we were two years ago, and that is in large part due to our partnership with EWIN. Their expertise and coaching have been invaluable to our school community, and we believe their work can have a statewide impact as they replicate the process in other communities.”


Perry Central Community School Corporation

Superintendent Mary Roberson

Assistant Superintendent Tara Bishop

H.S. Principal Jody French