What are the needs of the future workforce? They are changing quickly. In 1960, the demand was for 20 percent of the workforce to have four-year college degrees or more, 20 percent to have technical skills or specialized training and 60 percent to be unskilled with high school diplomas or less.

Harvard predicts that in 2018 the need will be for 30 percent of the workforce to hold four-year degrees or more, while 57 percent will require technical skills, specialized training, in-demand credentials and/or associate degrees. Only 10 percent of jobs will need workers considered unskilled.

Preparation of future workers must change, but requires collaboration of K-16 education, business/industry and community economic development agencies. EWIN’s role is to bring all of these sectors together and facilitate the important communication and understanding that result in “aha” moments.

Only when all constituents see the big picture can they imagine and create the pathways that will lead students to in demand future careers and bring a talented workforce to the changing Indiana business/industry landscape.