Do colleges pay for official visits?

Yes, colleges can cover the expenses related to official visits for prospective student-athletes.

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Yes, colleges can cover the expenses related to official visits for prospective student-athletes. According to NCAA rules, official visits may include transportation, lodging, meals and reasonable entertainment expenses for both the student-athlete and their parents or legal guardians.

Furthermore, the length of the visit is limited to 48 hours and the student-athlete is only allowed five official visits per college. During the visit, the prospective student-athlete will have the opportunity to meet with coaches and current players, attend team practices and games, tour the campus and athletic facilities, and learn more about the academic programs offered.

Recruiting expenses can be significant for colleges, with some spending millions of dollars on travel and other costs associated with recruiting. However, many colleges see it as a necessary investment in order to attract top talent to their athletic programs.

As former college basketball coach Bobby Gonzalez states, “An official visit is the time for the recruit to get the school’s full-court press and an opportunity for the athlete to see what college life is all about.”

In summary, colleges are able to cover the expenses related to official visits for prospective student-athletes in order to attract top talent to their athletic programs. This opportunity allows the student-athlete to learn more about the college and athletic programs and make an informed decision on where to pursue their academic and athletic goals.

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Pros Cons
Opportunity to learn more about the college and athletic program Length of visit is limited to 48 hours
Meet with coaches and current players Limited to five official visits per college
Attend team practices and games Recruiting expenses can be significant
Tour the campus and athletic facilities
Learn more about academic programs offered

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An official visit is any visit to a college that is fully or partially funded for by the university. You and/or your legal guardians will have your transportation to and from the college paid for. Also paid for by the college will be your room, meals (three per day – *4 for football), and entertainment expenses.

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In a video titled “What NOT to do on your College Official Visit”, Kyle Millis and Jason Lauser discuss the importance of respecting the university campus and coaches during an official visit. They warn against seeing the visit as a fake experience and recommend waiting for coaches to invite you instead of inviting yourself. They emphasize being yourself and understanding the room you’re in. In terms of do’s and don’ts, they advise against talking about partying, suggest taking advantage of the stipend without abusing it, recommend showing respect and good manners, and caution against bringing up money during one-on-one meetings with coaches. Lastly, they advise not doing anything that could bring up your name negatively during Monday morning meetings.

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Do colleges pay for parents on official visits?

Answer will be: The school can pay for the following for you and your parents/guardians: transportation to and from the campus, lodging throughout your visit, three meals per day and three tickets to a home sports event. Schools may pay for a recruit’s transportation to and from campus.

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How many official visits do college recruits get?

The reply will be: Recruits will be limited to one official visit per school, unless there is a coaching change. Official visits allow schools to pay for transportation, a two-night stay, meals and "reasonable entertainment" for an athlete and up to two family members.

Is an official visit a big deal?

Getting invited on an official visit indicates very strong interest from a college coach. Coaches don’t dole out official visit invitations to just anyone — they have a limited number to offer and the program foots the bill for your visit.

Can you ask a college coach for an official visit?

Response to this: If coaches have offered you or are extremely interested, they will be the one to bring up the Official Visit talk. If a coach hasn’t brought up offering you an official visit yet, it’s better to bring up visiting the campus on an Unofficial Visit.

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