Is a macbook necessary for college?

No, a MacBook is not necessary for college, but it can be helpful for certain majors or tasks.

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While a MacBook is not a necessity for college, it is a popular choice for students due to its reliable performance and software options. As stated by CNET, “many students prefer MacBooks because they are equipped with high-quality hardware, a sleek design, and the ability to run multiple programs at once without slowing down.”

In addition, some majors may require the use of specific software that is only compatible with Mac OS. For example, design, video or music production majors might prefer a MacBook because of its capability to run graphic design or video editing software seamlessly.

Moreover, the integration of Apple devices has made it easy for students to share files and access information on their other Apple devices. This can be helpful for individuals with iPhones or iPads.

However, it is important to note that MacBooks are typically more expensive than other laptop options on the market. Additionally, some college courses may require the use of specific software that is only compatible with Windows or certain versions of Linux.

Overall, the decision to use a MacBook for college is up to the individual student and their specific needs. As stated by Steve Jobs, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Choosing a MacBook may be a step towards innovation and embracing new technology.


Pros Cons
Reliable performance More expensive than other options
Sleek design Some majors may require Windows or Linux
Integration with other Apple devices
Compatibility with Mac software
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Interesting facts:

  • The first MacBook was released in May 2006
  • Despite being a popular choice, Apple only holds a 7.3% market share in the global computer market
  • In 2019, Apple released the MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen, the largest screen size for any MacBook up to that point

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The video provides a buying guide for students interested in purchasing a MacBook for school. It compares the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, explaining that the MacBook Pro has better performance due to its active cooling system, but this may not impact most students. The M1 and M2 MacBook Air models are recommended for general use, with the M2 model being more powerful and having a better display. Internal storage and unified memory should be considered before purchasing. For the MacBook Pro, the 14-inch model is recommended, with the M1 Pro chip being a good option for most students. Savings tips are also given, including purchasing refurbished models with upgraded specs.

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Then, Is it worth getting a MacBook for college students? Students who choose to buy a MacBook for college know that they are a good investment in the long run, both for studying and working with it afterward. They are a reliable piece of technology with efficient hardware and RAM usage that can make your daily tasks feel smoother than in Windows.

Do you really need a laptop for college?
Every student needs a laptop for college, but unlike inexpensive school supplies, such as pens and paper, laptops are long-term investments. Spending some time researching laptops can help you figure out what type of device will work best for your courses and what you can afford.

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Why do college students have MacBooks? MacBooks are perfect for running fast-paced applications compared to Windows mostly because of their speed and processing powers. Windows computers and operating systems are a lot slower.

Do college students prefer Mac or PC?
Answer: Students pursuing higher education prefer to use Macs over PCs, according to new data shared today by Apple device management company Jamf.

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