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Some reasons for Australian student visa rejection include incomplete or inaccurate application forms, insufficient evidence of financial support, inadequate English language proficiency, and concerns regarding the genuineness of the applicant’s intention to study in Australia.

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According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, some common reasons for the rejection of student visa applications include incomplete or inaccurate application forms, insufficient evidence of financial support, inadequate English language proficiency, and concerns regarding the genuineness of the applicant’s intention to study in Australia.

The incomplete or inaccurate filling of application forms can lead to rejection as it may provide incomplete or incorrect information such as the selection of the wrong visa category, non-disclosure of prior visa rejections, and incorrect passport details.

Inadequate English language proficiency is another reason for visa rejection as students need to have a certain level of English to attend courses in Australia. Providing evidence of English proficiency with IELTS, TOEFL, or any other recognized English language test is necessary.

The genuineness of the applicant’s intention to study in Australia is another significant factor when processing visa applications. The Australian Immigration Department often checks the intention of students applying for study visas. They may reject your application if they suspect that your primary intention is to work and not study.

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In terms of finances, students face visa rejections when they fail to show sufficient funds to cover expenses for the duration of their study. The Australian Department of Home Affairs requires proof of funds to be able to support themselves including accommodation, food, and other basic necessities.

In conclusion, we can emphasize that it is very important for students to provide accurate information when applying for an Australian student visa. Misrepresenting facts on the application form can lead to its rejection, and the visa processing process may take a very long time. As American professor Orville Wright once said, “It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.”

The table below summarises the reasons for Australian student visa rejection:

Reasons for Australian Student visa rejection
Incomplete or inaccurate application forms
Insufficient evidence of financial support
Inadequate English language proficiency
Concerns regarding the genuineness of the applicant’s intention to study in Australia.

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Certainly! In the video “3 SHOCKING Reasons for Australia Student Visa Rejection (& how to fix it)”, the speaker discusses three main reasons why student visas are being rejected in Australia and provides advice on how to fix them. The first reason is related to the Statement of Purpose (SOP), which is the letter that outlines the reason for studying, career goals, and plans after graduation. Using standard templates and failing to provide detailed evidence are common reasons for rejection. The second reason is the Genuine Temporary Entrance (GTE) letter, which shows that the applicant is a genuine visa applicant and will not do anything illegal while in Australia. This letter should provide clear evidence of financials, especially in countries with higher rejection rates due to financial issues. The third reason is linked to English proficiency test scores that are not good enough to meet the requirements of courses or programs students wish to study. The video provides advice on considering TAFE and other pathways that have lower English score requirements, and encourages students who have been recently rejected to demonstrate a change in their situation, such as a change in financial circumstances or career pathway.

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7 Reasons Student Visas are Rejected in Australia


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Why do student visas get rejected in Australia?

The big reason for refusing a visa is insufficient funds in the applicant’s bank account or lacking the necessary amount of funds to study and live in Australia. You must have sufficient funds to live and study in Australia when applying for a study visa Australia.

How likely is rejection of Australian student visa?

A. The Australian student visa rejection is very high, in 2022 around 3.8% of the applications were accpeted from a pool of 900. Students applying for a study visa in Australia must be very careful about how they are presenting themselves and how their academics have been in the past.

What is the most common reason for student visa rejection?

Response will be: Common Reasons behind Student Visa Rejection
Incorrect or false documents. Inadequate language or communication skills. Misbehaviour during the visa interview. Failure to explain the reason for choosing a particular course, university, or country.

What happens if Australia student visa is rejected?

If your Australian Student visa is refused, you have to submit an appeal at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. You may also have to pay the fee for appealing. The visa Officers will send a written decision on the refusal of your visa.

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What are the reasons for refusal of Australian student visa?

The answer is: Most Common Reasons for Australian Student Visa Refusal The Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) may decide to refusethe grant of student visato international students if you do not meet certain requirements of the study course, or you cannot provide a complete and correct application with all required supporting documents at time of lodgement.

What happens if a student visa is rejected?

In reply to that: Within the 28 days of student visa rejection, the applicants need to submit the appeal letter for reconsideration. The appeal time varies on the reason why your visa was rejected and the type of visa. Based on this, AAT will give you a detailed written decision regarding your visa application.

Why did the AAT refuse to grant me a student visa?

In reply to that: This fact sheet answers questions about applying to the AAT to review a decision by the Department of Home Affairs to refuse to grant you a student visa because you did not genuinely intend to stay in Australia. PDF versions of this fact sheet are available in the following languages:

How to get a student visa approval in Australia?

The key to getting a student visa approval in Australia would be to stay truthful and loyal to your profile. Any lies in your letter that can be crosschecked by the visa agents may get you into trouble. Mentioned below is a detailed list of major things that cause most visa rejections, especially in the case of Australia.

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