What percentage of british students go to college?

Approximately 49% of British students go to college.

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According to recent statistics, approximately 49% of British students attend college. This means that almost half of the eligible population chooses to pursue higher education. Interestingly, this number has been steadily increasing over the years.

As Bill Gates once stated, “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” This quote is applicable to today’s society where possessing a college degree is seen as a means of achieving success.

Here are some interesting facts about college attendance in the UK:

  • The highest-rated universities in the UK are the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.
  • Tuition fees for British universities vary depending on the institution and course, but the average cost of tuition is around £9,000 per year.
  • There are over 400 universities in the UK, with a mix of traditional institutions and newer, modern universities.
  • Interestingly, more women are attending college than men in the UK. In 2019, 57% of university applicants were female, while only 43% were male.
  • The most popular subjects amongst UK students are business and management, social studies, and engineering.
  • In recent years, apprenticeships have become more popular as an alternative route to further education, offering a range of work-based opportunities.

In order to visually represent this data, here is a table showcasing college attendance in the UK:

Year Percentage of British students attending college
2015 43%
2017 47%
2020 49%

Overall, the importance of attending college in today’s society cannot be denied. However, it is important to remember that success can come in many different forms, and obtaining a college degree is not the only path to achievement.

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The video discusses the differences in terminology used in British and American universities and colleges. British students go to university while American students attend college or school. British students use “freshers” while American students use “freshmen.” British students “read,” “study,” and “do” while American students “major.” British universities use “term” while American schools use “semester.” British students write essays while American students write papers, and British students take exams while American students take tests. The British use “lecture theatre” and “seminar” while the Americans use “class” for both. The speaker invites viewers to share their experiences studying in the UK or the US and the differences they have noticed.

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The higher education entry rate among UK 18 year olds increased from 24.7% in 2006 to 30.7% in 2015 and peaked at 38.2% in 2021. It fell back to 37.5%, its second highest ever level, in 2022.


272,500 UK students aged 18 have been accepted into university or college so far this year, a 7% increase on 2020 and a new record. This means 37.9% of the entire UK 18 year old population is due to start a full-time undergraduate course, also a new high and surpassing last year’s equivalent figure of 36.4%.

In 2017, 45.7 percent of British people aged 25 to 64 attained some form of post-secondary education. Of British people aged 25 to 64, 22.6% attained a bachelor’s degree or higher, whilst 52% of British people aged 25 to 34 attained some form of tertiary education, about 4% above the OECD average of 44%.

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Secondly, How many Brits go to college? As of 2021, there were over 2.75 million students at UK universities. Among people aged between 30 and 34 in the United Kingdom, half were educated to a tertiary level, one of the highest shares in Europe.

Furthermore, What percentage of England has a degree? Response to this: New census data reveals an increase in the proportion of people with degrees or similar – but also highlights major disparities in areas across the country. More than a third (33.8%) of adults in England and Wales now have the highest level of qualification, new census data has revealed.

Keeping this in view, How many UK students go to US universities?
Response will be: 10,292 UK students
More British students are going to college in the US. There were 10,292 UK students attending American universities in the 2021-22 academic year, according to the Institute of International Education.

What percentage of Americans actually go to college?
Response: The overall college enrollment rate of 18- to 24-year-olds (ages in which students traditionally enroll in college) was 38 percent in 2021. In this indicator, college enrollment rate is defined as the percentage of 18- to 24-year-olds enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students in 2- or 4-year institutions.

Furthermore, What percentage of British people have a post-secondary education?
In 2017, 45.7 percent of British people aged 25 to 64 attained some form of post-secondary education. Of British people aged 25 to 64, 22.6% attained a bachelor’s degree or higher, whilst 52% of British people aged 25 to 34 attained some form of tertiary education, about 4% above the OECD average of 44%.

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How is College different in the UK and US?
As a response to this: UK college students pay less for education, have a different grading system, and spend less time completing their degrees compared to American students. Whether you’re preparing to study abroad or are just curious about the cultural differences, here are six ways college is different in the UK and US.

One may also ask, How many UK students study higher education? As a response to this: In 2018/19 there were 2.6 million students doing higher education at UK higher education institutions, further education colleges and at alternative providers. About two thirds of these are studying first degrees, 1 in 5 studying a masters, 1 in 20 doing a PhD and 1 in 10 on other undergraduate courses.

Beside above, What percentage of young people go to University in the UK? The UK is also pushing Higher Education and Further Education a lot, so See A record percentage of young people are off to university It is under 30% of 18 year olds. We have a national shortage of graduates, which is why we usually take them from Europe and India. What percentage of British people go to university?

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