Does the new stimulus bill include student loan forgiveness?

No, the new stimulus bill does not include student loan forgiveness.

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Despite the ongoing pandemic, the United States government has taken measures to stimulate the economy. A new stimulus bill was recently passed, but unfortunately for many student loan borrowers, it did not include student loan forgiveness. This means that the bill did not cancel or forgive any student loan debt.

As reported by CNBC, “Democrats had hoped the stimulus bill would include $10,000 of student loan forgiveness,” but it was not included due to lack of support from the Republican party.

It’s important to note that some measures were included in the bill that may still benefit student loan borrowers. For example, the bill extends the automatic suspension of payments and interest on federally held student loans until September 30, 2021. Additionally, any debt forgiven through income-driven repayment plans or Public Service Loan Forgiveness programs will not be counted as taxable income through 2025.

There is still some discussion around the possibility of student loan forgiveness in the future, but for now it remains uncertain. As author David Heinemeier Hansson once said, “Student loan forgiveness is just a tiny, band-aid-sized solution to a massive, hemorrhaging wound in our education system. Affordable and accessible education is the only real answer to that problem.”

Table: Comparison of Student Loan Forgiveness Proposals

Proposal Type of Forgiveness Amount of Forgiveness Who is Eligible
President Biden’s Campaign Plan Federal student loans $10,000 All borrowers
HEROES Act Federal and private student loans $10,000 for economically distressed borrowers Borrowers earning up to $125,000 per year
CARES Act Federal student loans Automatic suspension of payments and interest during pandemic All borrowers
Warren/Schumer Proposal Federal student loans $50,000 Borrowers earning up to $100,000 per year
Sanders Proposal Federal and private student loans Complete cancellation All borrowers
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In this video, the speaker discusses the U.S. economy’s current state, with a high unemployment rate and the need for financial aid. The Heroes Act is proposed to provide $3 trillion in relief, which includes new stimulus checks, a trillion-dollar bailout for state and local governments, support for small businesses, and more healthcare coverage. The speaker remains impartial on the issue, recognizing that both parties have their opinions and will wait to see how negotiations play out. Despite the bill’s good and bad aspects, strategic spending may be necessary to bridge the gap until the economy can safely reopen and recover. Overall, the speaker hopes that everyone stays safe and well during the ongoing health and financial crisis.

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The latest stimulus package makes student loan forgiveness tax-free for borrowers who receive forgiveness from Jan. 1, 2021, through Dec. 31, 2025.

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Will I be included in student loan forgiveness?
Who qualifies for student loan forgiveness? To be eligible for forgiveness, you must have federal student loans and earn less than $125,000 annually (or $250,000 per household). Borrowers who meet that criteria can get up to $10,000 in debt cancellation.
Who is eligible for stimulus forgiveness student loan?
Response will be: Your adjusted gross income (AGI) is one of the factors that determine your eligibility for student loan forgiveness. If your AGI was less than $125,000 as an individual in 2021 or 2020, you are eligible.
Did the student loan forgiveness bill pass?
Both the Senate and the House have now passed a bill to block President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, which promises to cancel up to $20,000 of debt for millions of borrowers but has been held up by courts.
Does Biden's new student loan forgiveness include private loans?
Answer will be: 3 strategies for paying off private student loans
Although it’s highly unlikely that private student loans will be included in any government forgiveness plan, there are still some options you can explore to pay off your loans faster or make your monthly bill more manageable.
What does the new stimulus package say about student loans?
The new stimulus package says this about student loans and student loan cancellation. Here’s what you need to know — and what it means for you. The new, $1.9 trillion stimulus package that President Joe Biden proposed doesn’t include any student loan cancellation.
Will Congress pass student loan cancellation in the stimulus package?
The response is: It’s still possible that Congress passes student loan cancellation in the stimulus package. However, there are several roadblocks. First, Republicans don’t support widescale student loan cancellation. Second, Biden’s stimulus proposal doesn’t include student loan forgiveness.
Will student loan forgiveness be free from federal tax?
Answer: A small but significant provision was added to the $1.9 trillion stimulus package that just passed through Congress — also known as the COVID-19 Relief Bill or the American Rescue Plan — which makes student loan forgiveness free from federal taxation through 2025.
Will the Supreme Court release a ruling on Biden's student loan forgiveness initiative?
The reply will be: I’m an attorney focused on helping student loan borrowers. A Supreme Court decision on President Joe Biden’s sweeping student loan forgiveness initiative is imminent. A ruling has long been expected by the end of June, but the Court may be poised to release its opinion before then.

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