How do i print a student roster on powerschool?

To print a student roster on PowerSchool, go to Reports > select the appropriate report type (such as “class or student roster”) > choose the class or grouping to print > click “generate report” or “print.”

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Printing a student roster on PowerSchool can be done in just a few easy steps. Here’s a more detailed guide:

  1. Log in to your PowerSchool account and navigate to the Reports tab.
  2. Under the Reports tab, select the appropriate report type. For a student roster, you can choose either the “Class Roster” or “Student Roster” option.
  3. Select the specific class or grouping that you want to print a roster for. You may have to select the school year, term, teacher, and other filters to narrow down the results.
  4. Once you’ve selected the correct criteria, click on the “Generate Report” or “Print” button to open the report in a new window.
  5. Review the report to ensure that it contains all the necessary information.
  6. Finally, click on the printer icon or use your browser’s print functionality to print the roster on paper.

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Interesting facts about PowerSchool:

  • PowerSchool has been around since 1997 and is currently used by over 45 million students in more than 80 countries.
  • Aside from student rosters and grades, PowerSchool also offers features such as attendance tracking, behavior management, and custom report cards.
  • In 2015, PowerSchool was acquired by Vista Equity Partners for $350 million.
  • Many schools and districts use PowerSchool as their official student information system, meaning that it contains sensitive data such as student names, addresses, and grades.
  • The PowerSchool mobile app allows parents and students to access their grades, attendance, and assignments on their smartphones or tablets.

Here’s a table summarizing the steps for printing a student roster on PowerSchool:

Step Action
1. Log in to PowerSchool and go to Reports
2. Select Class Roster or Student Roster
3. Choose the class or grouping
4. Click “Generate Report” or “Print”
5. Review the report
6. Print the roster

Video response to “How do I print a student roster on PowerSchool?”

In this video on “How to print Class Rosters from PowerSchool,” the instructor explains that to print a class roster from PowerSchool, the user needs to click on PowerTeacher Pro, which will bring up a screen with information about how to use the site. From there, the user must select the “Reports” option and set their criteria to pull up the student roster. The user can then sort the options by last name, select all classes, and click on the “Run Report” button. The resulting roster report will be a high-quality PDF version in the user’s download queue.

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People also ask

Similarly one may ask, How do I Print a student roster in Powerschool?
As a response to this: From within PowerTeacher Pro, click on Reports on the left-hand menu. Then select Student Roster. Select the class(es) you would like to print. Set any sort options you would like to use, and add columns from the list provided by clicking the Add button.

How do I find my class roster on Powerschool? Response will be: You can find student listings. And then you can find the class rosters PDF reports under it. Very soon you’ll see when you click on the class roster PDF.

Herein, How do I Print my student roster on Infinite Campus?
The answer is: The tabs that are available to the teacher are based on user rights. Individual student information can be printed by clicking the Person Summary Report. The complete roster can also be printed by clicking the Print icon at the top of the roster tab.

Also to know is, Can I Print a class roster from canvas?
Navigate to and open your Canvas course. Click the "People" link in the course menu to open the roster. Select "Print" from your browser menu.

Likewise, How do I print a class roster PDF?
Answer: From the Start page select Reports from the Functions menu on the left. Choose Class Roster PDF under the Student Listings heading. Choose the Teacher(s) that you want to print. To choose more than 1 hold down your control key and select. Choose the period(s) to include on the report.

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Beside above, How do I print a report in PowerSchool?
The answer is: Click the PowerSchool logo. The start page appears. Choose System Reports under Reports in the main menu. The Reports page appears. Click the Setup tab. The Report Setup page appears. Click Form Letters. The Form Letters page appears. Click Print. Leave the Print Reports page open as you create each type of report in a new Web browser window.

Considering this, How do I view a printable version of my grade roster?
Answer to this: There are two ways you can view a printable version of your Grade Roster. Option 1: Click the Printer Friendly Version button at the bottom of the page. Use your browser’s printer option to print the roster. Option 2: You can download your roster into MS Excel. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard.

Also to know is, How do I see the students’ photos on the roster?
Response: To see the students’ photos on screen, select the Include photos in list radio button. When the display view comes on screen, click the View All link to see the expanded roster with photos displayed. WARNING! Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox are the preferred browsers to use when printing rosters with or without photos.

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