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Indiana University won the NCAA basketball championship in 1987.

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Indiana University won the NCAA basketball championship in 1987. The Indiana Hoosiers defeated Syracuse Orangemen 74-73 in the championship game held on March 30, 1987. This was Indiana’s fifth NCAA championship and they were led by head coach Bob Knight, who had previously won two national titles in his coaching career.

In an interview after the game, Knight shared his thoughts on the team’s performance, stating “I thought they played with great poise and great concentration. And when you do that in a game like this, you’ve got a chance.” This mindset of focusing on the task at hand and executing with precision is what helped Indiana clinch the championship.

Here are some interesting facts about the 1987 NCAA basketball championship:

  • Indiana’s Keith Smart scored the game-winning shot with just four seconds left on the clock.
  • Indiana’s Steve Alford was named the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player.
  • Syracuse’s Rony Seikaly, who later went on to play in the NBA, scored 33 points in the championship game.
  • This was the first year that the NCAA added a three-point line to college basketball.
  • Indiana was the only team in the tournament to have a perfect record, finishing the season with a 30-4 record.
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Here’s a table showcasing the final four teams in the tournament:

Team Record Final Four Appearances NCAA Titles
Indiana 30-4 7 5
Syracuse 31-6 4 0
UNLV 37-2 2 0
Providence 25-9 2 0

Overall, the 1987 NCAA basketball championship was a thrilling tournament that culminated in a nail-biting championship game and a well-deserved victory for the Indiana Hoosiers.

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The 1987 National Championship game between Indiana and Syracuse is highly competitive, with both teams fighting for the lead throughout the game. Defense is a big focus for both sides, with lots of aggressive play leading to offensive fouls. Indiana manages to hit some key three-pointers, but Syracuse’s effective rebounding and defense allows them to maintain a lead. The lead changes hands multiple times, with the game remaining close and exciting for viewers.

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Who won the 1986 NCAA basketball championship?

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What year did Indiana beat Syracuse in the national championship?

Answer will be: 1987 NCAA Division I men’s basketball championship game

1st half 2nd half
Syracuse Orangemen 33 40
Indiana Hoosiers 34 40
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Who won the NCAA Division 1 basketball championship?

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Interesting: For the second time, the Louisiana Superdome hosted the Final Four. There were four domed stadiums in the 1987 tournament, including Indianapolis, New Orleans, Seattle and Syracuse. There were two new venues, the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis and the Rosemont Horizon, located in suburban Chicago.
Did you know that, The 1987 National Title Game was played between the 1987 Midwest Regional Champions, #1-seeded Indiana and the 1987 East Regional Champions, #2-seeded Syracuse. [1] "One Shining Moment", which serves as the closing song for the NCAA Tournament coverage, was played for the first time after this game.
It’s interesting that, The 1987 Championship would turn that result on its head, as Tennessee won by 23 points, upsetting Louisiana Tech 67–44, for their first National Championship. [7] Teresa Weatherspoon recorded 11 assists in the National Semifinal game, the most scored in a Final Four game since they started keeping records of this statistic in 1985. [3]
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