Question — how do you get an official college visit?

To get an official college visit, typically you would need to register for one through the college’s admissions office or online portal. Some colleges also offer walk-in visits, but it’s best to check with the admissions office first.

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Getting an official college visit is a crucial step in a student’s college search journey. Visiting a college campus is a great way to get a feel for the campus culture, academic programs, and student life. Here is some detailed information on how to schedule an official college visit:

  1. Research the college’s visit options: Most colleges offer different types of campus visits, such as general information sessions, campus tours, and overnight stays. Look up the college’s admissions website for visit options and choose the one that suits your preference.

  2. Register for a visit: Once you have chosen the visit type, register for it through the college’s admission office or online portal. Most college’s websites have an online registration system for campus visits.

  3. Plan your visit: Depending on your visit type, you might need to make travel arrangements or book accommodations. You might also want to create a list of questions to ask the admissions team or current students.

  4. Arrive on time: Make sure to arrive on time for your visit, and dress appropriately. A campus visit is like a first impression, and you want to make a good one.

As Aaron Hillegass, the founder of Big Nerd Ranch, says, “The college visit is all about fit. You’re there to see if a particular institution is the best fit for you.” So, take your time, do your research, and make the most of your college visit.

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Interesting facts:

  • According to a study, campus visits are one of the most significant factors in college admissions decision-making
  • Research shows that students who visit college campuses are more likely to be admitted and enroll than those who don’t visit
  • Some colleges offer virtual tours as a way of substitute for an in-person visit.


Step Action
1. Research the college’s visit options
2. Register for a visit through the college’s admission office or online portal
3. Plan your visit, make any necessary arrangements
4. Arrive on time, dress appropriately

Answer to your inquiry in video form

In the video “What is An Official College Visit?”, the speaker explains that an official college visit is when a college invites a student athlete and their family to visit the campus, with the college taking on some of the financial responsibility of the visit. Official visits are typically reserved for top recruits and are considered a significant milestone in the recruiting process. However, the speaker emphasizes that official visits come after a courting process where coaches identify and evaluate recruits before extending an invitation.

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Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. This is a good step to take your sophomore year of high school, so you’re ready to start taking official visits your junior year. If you’re visiting a Division III school, sign up for an NCAA Profile page, which is the free version of the Certification Account.

Furthermore, people ask

Also, Can you ask a college coach for an official visit? Response to this: If coaches have offered you or are extremely interested, they will be the one to bring up the Official Visit talk. If a coach hasn’t brought up offering you an official visit yet, it’s better to bring up visiting the campus on an Unofficial Visit.

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One may also ask, Do colleges pay for official visits?
Response will be: An official visit is any visit to a college that is fully or partially funded for by the university. You and/or your legal guardians will have your transportation to and from the college paid for. Also paid for by the college will be your room, meals (three per day – *4 for football), and entertainment expenses.

Keeping this in view, How many official college visits do you get?
Recruits will be limited to one official visit per school, unless there is a coaching change. Official visits allow schools to pay for transportation, a two-night stay, meals and "reasonable entertainment" for an athlete and up to two family members.

Do official visits paid for parents? As an answer to this: Parents are absolutely allowed to accompany a high school athlete on an official visit. An official visit is defined by the NCAA as a visit sponsored by the college or university. The school can pay for all or part of the travel expenses, hotel rooms, meals and tickets to sporting events.

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