Why do you support undocumented students?

I support undocumented students because everyone deserves access to education and opportunities regardless of their immigration status.

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I support undocumented students because education is a fundamental human right and should be accessible to all individuals, regardless of their immigration status. Undocumented students face numerous obstacles in pursuing higher education, including financial barriers, legal uncertainties, and social stigma. By supporting these students, we are promoting a more inclusive and just society where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education not only benefits the individual, but also society as a whole. By investing in the education of undocumented students, we are investing in the future of our country and contributing to a more diverse, innovative, and prosperous society.

Here are some interesting facts on the topic:

  • Approximately 65,000 undocumented students graduate high school in the United States each year. (source: Educators for Fair Consideration)
  • Undocumented students are ineligible for federal financial aid, making it difficult for them to afford college. (source: The Washington Post)
  • In some states, undocumented students are eligible for in-state tuition rates and state financial aid. (source: National Conference of State Legislatures)
  • The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program provides temporary relief from deportation and work authorization for eligible undocumented young people. As of 2021, there are approximately 650,000 active DACA recipients in the United States. (source: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)
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Obstacles faced by undocumented students
Limited access to financial aid and scholarships
Uncertainty about their legal status
Social stigma and discrimination
Difficulty finding employment without work authorization
Fear of deportation or separation from family

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With resources and support, undocumented young people can get an education, pursue careers, and build a brighter future for themselves and their community. Immigrants Rising is a fiscally-sponsored project of Community Initiatives.

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Roberto Gonzales, Assistant Professor of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education, emphasizes the importance of trust and support in relationships between educators and undocumented students. He notes the significant impact of these relationships on students’ emotional wellbeing and participation in their communities. Gonzales also highlights the need for educators to find resources and support when students disclose their undocumented status, acknowledging that they may not have all the answers themselves.

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How can educators support undocumented students?

Partnering with immigrant-serving community organizations to inform families about their rights and immigration options. Involving bilingual family resource center staff, family liaisons, and trained parent volunteers to engage and support families on a range of issues.

What are the strengths of undocumented students?

Answer to this: Their high aspirations, ability to take perspective, optimism, dedicated hard work, positive attitudes toward school, and ethic of family support for advanced learning contribute to the fact that some immigrant youth educationally outperform their native-born peers.

How do you advise undocumented students?

Here are just a few ways anyone – from neighbors to complete strangers – can help undocumented students:

  1. Try to understand their hardships and your own privilege.
  2. Empower them by bringing them into the conversation.
  3. Create communities, not safe spaces.
  4. Learn the legislation and policies.
  5. Know where the legal resources are.
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What are 3 issues that undocumented students face in higher education?

Response will be: Some of the challenges presented for undocumented students are the lack of financial aid, resources, and citizenship information, and institutional regulations that discourage and constrain them from pursuing higher education.

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