Percentage of Jobs Requiring Post-Secondary Degree

Newsletter: Lewis Cass Polytechnic Showcase

Newsletter highlights Planning Grant recipient  Partnership focused on Lewis Cass Polytechnic Academy. The Polytechnic Academy Council for Excellence (P.A.C.E.) will work together to build...

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EWIN Newsletter: IPS/EmployIndy Showcase

These partners worked together to develop an intentional work-based learning continuum to provide real world experiences to students that are preparing to join the field of health sciences. As IPS...

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EWIN Newsletter: Plymouth Pathways Showcase

This newsletter features the implementation plan created by Plymouth Community School Corporation in partnership with Marshall County industry, community, and education partners. These partners...

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EWIN Newsletter: Jay/Blackford Showcase

This issue features the implementation plan of the Jay-Blackford Manufacturing Council. The partnership was facilitated by the John Jay Center for Learning and was also a recipient of SkillUp! Round...

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EWIN Newsletter July 2017

We are excited to announce our newest planning grant recipients as well as provide a wrap-up of the 2017 Pathways Summit at the end of June. The Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL)...

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EWIN Newsletter: Lebanon Schools & Boone County

This month we will feature the implementation plan of the Lebanon EWIN Partnership. Leading partners are Lebanon Community School Corporation, Boone County Economic Development, Vincenne’s...

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EWIN Newsletter September 2016

Welcome to the Fall 2016 Innovation Connection. EWIN has spent the summer working across the state with a three-pronged approach to pathways system development for the state of Indiana: Statewide...

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