Statewide Alignment

Partnering with agencies and organizations across Indiana to gather input and align strategies to focus and maximize efforts. EWIN participates in task forces and leads an advisory committee to unite resources at a state level. Convenings and summits share best practices with stakeholders in regions across the state.

Regional Development

Cultivating education-workforce partnerships to redesign systems that connect local learners to self-sustaining careers. EWIN facilitates community alignment through skills mapping, asset mapping, and career pathway development. This includes exposure to innovative models such as academies, P-TECH, and Early College CTE. EWIN’s coaching promotes organically customized approaches.


Connecting regional leaders through a variety of virtual and in-person events and activities. As geographical silos disappear, regions learn from one another, collaborate in problem solving, and scale promising practices across the state.

Longitudinal Tracking

Designing a performance measurement system in collaboration with the Indiana University Public Policy Institute. This project is currently in pilot with a data request through Indiana Network of Knowledge with the Region 9 EcO Network to track CTE students through postsecondary and into the workforce.

“We believe that we are in a much better position to serve students and the greater Perry Central community today than we were two years ago, and that is in large part due to our partnership with EWIN. Their expertise and coaching have been invaluable to our school community, and we believe their work can have a statewide impact as they replicate the process in other communities.”

Perry Central Community School Corporation

Superintendent Mary Roberson

Assistant Superintendent Tara Bishop

H.S. Principal Jody French