Seeing is believing. EWIN helps regions dream big by introducing them to best practice examples in Indiana and across the country. Through EWIN, partnership representatives have visited model P-TECH and academy sites, toured advanced manufacturing operations, learned about other regions’ implementation plans, met and networked with other communities and talked with students leading their own business.

Based on community needs, EWIN can provide resources and experiences that broaden perceived possibilities. These showcase instances when leaders took out-of- the box approaches and inspired success for students and regions burdened with poverty, low education attainment and low expectation.

EWIN leaders continue to follow national trends and explore initiatives that can be promising for Indiana. EWIN understands the power of seeing innovative strategies succeeding firsthand. Such experiences provide communities the courage try a new direction – “If they can do it, so can we!”

Grant Recipient Showcases:

Perry County Manufacturing
Jay/Blackford County Manufacturing
Ripley County’s Cybersecurity
Boone County Manufacturing
Plymouth Manufacturing
IPS/Employ Indy
Lewis Cass Polytechnic Academy

Links to National Promising Practice Examples: 
Hudson Valley – Ulster Boce
Ford NGL
– Alignment Nashville: Academies of Nashville
– Coachella Valley California

“The Indiana Department of Education recognizes the critical role that EWIN plays in ensuring that Indiana has access to a high wage, high demand workforce. They’ve become a critical partner to schools and districts, as well as a crucial thought partner for K-12 policymakers.”

Kelly Wittman

Chief Academic Officer, Indiana Department of Education