EWIN serves individual regions across the state with focused, customized services but also is a statewide leader that unites organizations with consistent terminology and processes for building career pathways.

EWIN meets communities where they are. Each is unique in its challenges, needs and resources so the support from EWIN varies accordingly. EWIN helps regions through grants and technical services that build inclusive partnerships, educate members in best practices, and then deliver the tools and processes needed to construct and sustain their own pathways systems.

Statewide, EWIN spearheads many events and activities that unify education, government, workforce development and business agencies in career pathways initiatives. It established the Indiana Pathways Advisory Council with a diverse group of leaders to guide Indiana’s career pathways alignment. Concurrently, EWIN offers best practices site visits, regional “deep dives” into unique initiatives, state and regional summits, webinars and conference presentations.

EWIN Grants/RFPs

EWIN has completed three rounds of planning grants to 16 partnerships across the state ranging from $6,500 to $20,000. The purpose is to aid in the development of education workforce pathways that align with the realities of the economy. The funding is used for research of promising practices and the creation of career pathways implementation plans. These plans can include Early College polytechnic strategies, academy models or customized approaches. EWIN provides the grant as well as technical assistance that includes facilitation, national and local site visits and access to research and other resources.

* Click Here for September 2019 EWIN Grant RFP 

*Webinar – Wed., September 18 at 10 a.m. addresses EWIN Planning Grant questions. Click here to join that meeting. Submit questions for the webinar about the RFP by Fri., September 13 by 4 p.m.

Deep Dive

Deep Dive events may focus on a single aspect of a community or region’s work or present a more complete overview of its collaborative work. Communities are invited to apply to co-host an event with EWIN with the purpose of convening a group focused on building a workforce solution within a specific industry sector. The intent is to emphasize new promising practices and drive continuous expansion in regional career pathways systems around the state. For example, in fall 2017 EWIN partnered with Ready Northwest Indiana to bring together its new Healthcare Sector Partnership with K-12 educators from seven counties. An outcome will be a map of local, in-demand healthcare careers so that moving forward educators build pathways leading toward those existing job opportunities.

Click Here for an application for your community to be considered for a Deep Dive into a specific sector pathway.


EWIN does provide fee-for-service opportunities to a community collaborative looking specific types of technical assistance such as asset mapping, skills mapping, EWIN 101 and advanced coaching consultation. Contact us for pricing in your area.