Why Education Workforce Innovation Network?

CELL’s Education Workforce Innovation Network (EWIN) strategically supports all Indiana regions to reach the goal of 60 percent postsecondary attainment and meet the state’s workforce needs. EWIN facilitates the development of education, community and business partnerships, which then collaboratively design local career pathways systems. These pathways help students become college and career ready and also drive design of curricular programs grounded in the real world. EWIN helps engage businesses in K-16 learning experiences and provide the local workforce with highly skilled employees. EWIN has built important relationships with key educational, economic development, workforce and government agencies across the state and nation. These networks enable EWIN to connect communities to important models and resources. A neutral partner, EWIN teams with regions to customize strategies to strengthen their workforce, educate future workers and close existing skills gaps.

“EWIN provides a service that is neutral and professional in every aspect. The grant process aligned with the initiatives our community had identified as next steps, the criteria and expectations were clear, and the technical support we received was superb.”

Cheryll A. Obendorf

Executive Director, Genesis: Pathways to Success


Indiana's Population Holds a Postsecondary Credential or Degree


Current 9th Graders Who Will Finish 2- or 4-year College Within a Traditional Time Frame


Indiana jobs Will Require a Certificate or Associate Degree


Percentage of Jobs Requiring Post-Secondary Degree


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